Japanese Car Auction

Before digging into Japanese car auction, let’s talk about what auction is.
  Auction is a movement to match the condition of purchase of something on the board which buyer and seller agree on. There are lots of auction style, namely open bid auction, and sealed auction. Open bid auction is held in public, meaning buyers can see their prices each other. On the other hand, sealed bid auction is not open, so buyers can’t see their prices. For open bid auction, there is English auction nad Dutch auction. English auction is a normal type of auction where buyer raise the price and the one who raised the price the most is going to get the concerning product. Converesely, in Dutch auction, sellers fall their price steadily and buyers bid at the point they want to do so. With this auction style, you can save much more time than English auction.
  In Japan, there is many Japanese car auction available online, such as TAA, CAA, JU. Unless you’re allowed to import cars from Japan legally, you should bypass a Japanese car exporters, like Be Forward, carused.jp, and trade car view.